Vero Announces New $8.5 Million Series A Investment, Continues to Drive Growth Across the Wholesale Financing Market

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Differentiate your lending organization

Technology & Services Platform

Propel wholesale financing operations to the next level with modern software and managed services

Scale your lending operation, without adding headcount

Vero Technologies provides an end-to-end operating system supporting the entire organization, coupled with a managed servicing arm that will complement existing teams, or take over the operations and management of the entire floorplan program

Operating System

The VeroOS is a tri-party system – connecting dealers, suppliers and lenders on a single platform to manage funding requests, collections, risk and portfolio management

Loan Servicing

Outsource processes such as title processing and vaulting, supplier management, virtual and on-site audits, or engage Vero as the Servicing Agent of the entire floorplan program

A Platform Approach

With Vero, benefit not only from our technology and servicing capabilities – but also the latest open banking, alternative data and communications tools to stay at the front of the pack

Who we partner with

Trusted by credit teams across:


Community banks have strong relationships with dealers. By offering inventory financing, banks can grow their business and capture larger wallet share with dealer clients

Credit Unions

Indirect consumer financing is a strength of credit unions. By using Vero’s platform, credit teams can earn more indirect lending business by offering inventory loans to dealership businesses in their community

Specialty Financing

For organizations already offering inventory loans, Vero’s platform can centralize the processes and offer a streamlined system for their commercial credit team