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Floor Plans for OEMs and Distributors

Launch a Sponsored Floor Plan

An OEM or distributor sponsored floor plan allows your dealers to easily access inventory and grow their relationship. Vero provides the software and servicing that powers the floor plan for manufacturers and distributors across a wide variety of industries. With flexibility on funding sources, interest schedules, and loan servicing, you can tailor the floor plan program to your specific needs with Vero.

How it Works

We partner with OEMs and Distributors to develop a floor plan for your dealers, powered by Vero’s technology and services platform for wholesale financing. Programs are funded on your balance sheet or ours. We integrate:

By connecting all parties involved in distribution financing, transactions can be managed seamlessly, providing a better experience for your dealers and deepening your product distribution.

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Why We're Different

With Vero, regardless of the size of your dealer network – OEMs and their dealers will receive the white glove support of a small finance company – while benefiting from the technology of a forward-thinking fintech.


Vero will work directly with the OEM and its dealers to develop a program structure that addresses pain points from prior experience, creating a program they’ll love


Vero’s tri-party system ensures OEMs, distributors, and dealers have all the tools they need to manage the floor plan, right at their fingertips the a sleek mobile app

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Vero’s dedicated and experienced loan servicing team provides white-glove support for your dealers by focusing only on managing floor plan programs.


Vero provides uniquely flexible approach to funding the programs – its own balance sheet, partner banks, or working with OEMs who want to self-fund programs

Level up your distribution

Benefits of an OEM Floor Plan

Whether you’re considering introducing a floor plan for the first time or improving your existing program, there are a variety of benefits.

Increased Sales & Distribution

Dealers can stock a broader range of your products and inventory, meeting the customer demand more effectively, leading to higher sales volumes

Enhanced Dealer Loyalty

Dealers align themselves with OEMs and distributors who understand their financing needs and provide tailored solutions

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Greater Competitive Advantage

Want to stand out against your competitors? A floor plan will attract new dealers to your program and incentivize existing ones to expand their relationship with you.

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Upgraded Customer Experience

A floor plan allows dealers to have the products you customers want, resulting in shorter lead times, quicker fulfillment, and an improved customer experience

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