Vero Announces New $8.5 Million Series A Investment, Continues to Drive Growth Across the Wholesale Financing Market

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Want to add floor plan financing?

Inventory and wholesale financing is a tough nut to crack. By leveraging an end-to-end technology platform and Vero’s experienced servicing operations – feel comfortable scaling with the expertise of a dedicated solution partner

How It Works

As the program’s servicing agent, our team of experts will handle the day-to-day operations, including customer support, funding operations, collections, and risk management.


Our platform is built on the latest technology and open banking solutions, ensuring efficiency, effectiveness, and security.


With Vero, it’s easy to scale wholesale lending program without adding specialized headcount, reducing costs and freeing up existing teams to focus on other areas of business.

Program Design
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Pipeline Building
Risk Management

Industries We Serve








Bank Benefits

Increase the yield of commercial loan book

Looking to increase balance sheet utilization by driving more revenue from the existing customer base?


Inventory financing provides substantially better returns relative to a bank’s traditional C&I credit offering

Diversify commercial loan portfolio beyond CRE

Floorplan loans are secured by the inventory being financed, which will provide additional collateral protection for your bank.


Floorplan loans typically have shorter loan terms than other C&I lending products, which can reduce your bank’s exposure to risk

Attract new dealership depository relationships

By consolidating a dealer’s needs, adding inventory financing to a bank’s offerings will attract new dealership customers.


The bank’s current dealer customers are sourcing inventory financing elsewhere. Bringing this in-house will strength

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